Privacy Policy

Loved Luxury ( " LOVEDLUXÉ " ) will protect all your personal information as well as your security. 


  • We collect your personal information to allow LOVEDLUXÉ to process your order, to allow for a hassle-free shopping experience and to inform you of any promotions.
  • When you place an order, we collect the following information: Name, Phone Number, Email Address, What Products Purchased, Coupon Code. 
  • When you cancel an order, we will still store this information on your database for the above mentioned purposes. 


  • When you process your credit card information, you are sending this information to PayPal. Hence, we don't store any credit card information on our site. 
  • We don't have access to credit card numbers which will remain confidential and only PayPal will be able to see your credit card number. 


LOVEDLUXÉ will not rent, sell or trade your personal information to anyone. We may disclose your information to third parties, if you have given consent, if it is required by the law or government, if we determine that it is necessary to mitigate any action taken by you which conflicts with LOVEDLUXÉ'S interests / security, if you violate LOVEDLUXÉ'S terms and conditions. 

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